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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions not addressed here, please contact the Registrar for issues related to registration. For all other queries contact Queries.

You do not have to have a PayPal account (or create one) to pay via PayPal. The PayPal gateway has the option to accept credit cards, without creating an account. After you “Proceed to checkout,” you will be taken to another page to complete your billing details. You then proceed to the payment screen as shown on the image.

Click on “Pay via PayPal.” You will be using the PayPal facility but you do not need to create a PayPal account. Make sure you do not create an account or allow PayPal to save your credit card information.

We will not be offering refunds for the conference pass. Even if you are unable to attend on the day of the presentation, the videos will be available to registered participants in the Registrants’ Portal for two weeks after the end of the conference, so there is no reason to miss anything.

A Zoom link, which will give you access to all sessions over the eight days, will be sent to you by mid-September. You are asked to not share the link with anybody else.

Any handouts provided by the speakers will be available on the Registrants’ Portal in the days before the conference. Videos of the presentations will be available as soon as possible after the presentation and will remain available on the Registrants’ Portal until two weeks after the end of the conference.

The cost of the virtual conference is $45 (Canadian) and provides a link to all the online sessions over the eight days. The key presentations are identified on the conference program on the website, but additional “pop-up” sessions may be organized during the conference days. These will be advertised on the website home page. The formal presentations will be available to registered participants for two weeks after the end of the conference.

But of course, this is a virtual event! You attend from your comfortable chair in front of your computer, tablet or phone. For the first time you will be able to sip on your favourite beverage and enjoy a snack while watching a talk with no restrictions and no one to shhhh you. You can watch in your pyjamas and enjoy the talks with no climate control issues or taking your sweater on and off depending on which session you are in. And best of all, you are safe at home until we are able to mix again at our in-person conference.

On the page to enter the Registrants’ Portal, you are asked to enter your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password, click on “Lost your password” and follow the instructions.

The Gathering Place is a page on the website that includes the logos of BIFHSGO partners and friends (societies, vendors, genealogical services, bloggers and research and academic institutions). By clicking on the logo, you will be taken to the organization’s website—some of whom may have prepared specific information of interest to our conference registrants. Posting on the Gathering Place is free to all partners and friends who wish to share our conference virtual space. Contact if you would like more information.

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